Listen & Learn: The Influence Of Body Language

Training in Body Language increases your understanding of non-verbal communication signs in yourself and others. Learning Body Language helps to consciously choose how to present yourself and recognize the subconscious reactions of others during presentations, negotiations, and interviews.

Join us in this 2-hour interactive workshop by Beatrix Eder, where you will learn to be aware of your own body language, building good rapport, conveying the message you want and interpreting the non-verbal communication of others.

Beatrix is a certified and accredited coach, based in Singapore. She mainly works with organizations and individuals to enhance four aspects of leadership: direction, communication, authenticity, and adaptability. She received her title Master of Body Language from the Center for Body Language.

Takeaways from the workshop:
  • Increase your recognition of non-verbal communication signs
  • Improve your ability to correctly interpret facial / body signals
  • Recognize implicit message when communicating with others
  • Learn about congruency in body language
  • Practice how to use your body language with the intention to make a powerful impression when presenting, negotiating, interviewing
  • Enhance your intuition about other people
  • Raise your Emotional Intelligence
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Tue Apr 23, 2019
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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